Contact Centers

Making proper contact by phone so the customer grants you the order. That is what HMS Contact Centers is all about. And we are experts in this field – whether we call a consumer about a subscription or a business relation to make an appointment. By really listening and knowing what we are talking about, we convince people to become or remain customers. The result? More new customers and higher sales to existing customers.

Hms customercare ons team binnen

Our team

Enthusiasm and a firm belief in the product or service are essential when you want to win over customers convincingly. We do this passionately and with full knowledge of the facts and always focused on results, because that is what it is all about. Our employees get a kick out of every deal they close correctly. That is why you often see our staff doing a collective high-five when we secured another order.

Business to Consumer

We don’t engage in standard sales talks, even when we need to call large numbers of consumers. Every customer is unique so we need to click with that particular customer, and the way to do this is by knowing all the ins and outs of the product or by understanding what the customer needs. That is why we don’t assign our employees randomly to projects. We select on knowledge, commitment, and enthusiasm for your product or service. The customer can feel this and this is how we can convince them to choose you.

Business to Business

We really are an extension of and a calling card for your company. We know all the ins and outs of your products or services, markets, and issues. Clients feel that they are talking to someone who knows the business. Even so, it can happen that we don’t know the answer to a certain question, which is when we also won’t try to give one. Such questions are always forwarded to your own specialists. This is often the next step towards the purchasing decision. You have a fixed team and a project manager who can pick that up. This is how we guarantee the quality.

Being well-prepared

One of the key aspects is that we know everything about your company/organisation; about the company itself, the product or service you provide, the market, and the target group. Only then, we can convince customers and clients with the right arguments. We put a lot of time and effort into this. When you have a special offer, we don’t start calling everyone straight away. First, we test the offer with part of your customer-base to optimise our conversations with the gained experiences. A good start is half the work.

Hms customercare factbased advies

Fact-based advice

We continuously collect and analyse data so we can take the right steps based on facts. Does the target group understand the message, which target groups score best, are there any ideal contact moments, and what do customers think of your offer? We analyse all this information and much more, after which we sum everything up in clear advice. Everything will be discussed and then sent to you digitally, allowing you to continuously implement fact-based improvements. The result? Increasing sales.

Hms customercare samenwerken

Tailored collaborations

Do you want us to handle part of your capacity permanently? Or do you want to outsource everything? You tell us, we take care of it. Do you expect a peak in the demand because you are starting a campaign? No problem, we are extremely flexible. Regardless of how you want to make use of services, we always come to solid arrangements. Dynamic, flexible, entirely in tune with today’s trends.

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Working at HMS Contact Centers

Can you convince people enthusiastically to choose a specific product or service? Do you get a kick out of great results? Then you are a great candidate for HMS Contact Centers.

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