Exceeding customer expectations

Customers seek contact at any time of the day and they do this through all the available channels. They also expect you to respond fast. Unfortunately, that is not always possible and this may quickly turn a good customer into a dissatisfied customer. We can take over your customer contact, entirely or partially, and via all channels: phone, social media, chat, WhatsApp, mail, or SMS. We respond to every question or complaint in a personal and pleasant manner. This is how we create outstanding customer experiences that exceed expectations.

Our team

We have genuine contact with your customers. We care about the customers, are sensitive to their needs, and offer a suitable answer or solution. We do more than just providing a service. We build a connection and we do this with a fixed team, whereby our employees have at least a HBO working and thinking level. The result? High-quality performances.

Expert knowledge

It is important that we get to know your company. This ensures that we are capable to answer most questions instantly and correctly. If a question is too technical or complex, we will forward it immediately to the appropriate person within your company. All this will be established via sound agreements.

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You will have insight into our contacts with your customers at all times. Not only does it allow you to assess the quality of our performance but it also allows you to see what your customers deem to be important, which issues or ambiguities there may be, and many other questions customers may have. We collect and analyse this information and summarise it in clear reports that will help you with your own communications, product development, and building strategies.

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You may have customers in all parts of the world. That’s no problem for us. We have multilingual employees and maintain extended opening hours. We give you happy customers. Anywhere and anytime.

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Tailored collaborations

We can take over all your customer contact activities or part of it. For example, when your customer contact exceeds a certain capacity or you only need us outside office hours. We are flexible. Our collaboration is fully transparent: you pay for the time we talk to your customers.

We already achieved higher customer satisfaction for the following companies, for example

Working for Customer Care

Can you empathise with customers’ questions or complaints? And do you want to help them quickly by giving them a sound answer? Then you are a great candidate for HMS Customer Care.

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