B2C Agent

Who? Romy
What? B2C Agent
Where? HMS Den Bosch

“I really like the fact that you can plan your own working hours”

My name is Romy, 21 years old, and I have been working at HMS as a B2C agent for two years now. I came here after a tip from an acquaintance who was already working at HMS. She told me that they were looking for more staff, so I decided to apply.

I enjoy making phone calls for one of the biggest lotteries in the Netherlands. I already showed my interest in this campaign during my job interview, so I was very happy that they assigned me to this team. I know that I did well over the past two years, which hasn’t gone unnoticed because I now have an indefinite contract!

The atmosphere at the office is great, which makes working at HMS even more fun. And the thing I find particularly practical is that you can plan your own working hours. In short, I certainly intend to stay here for the time being and I recommend everyone to apply for one of the jobs!

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